This site was originally put together as a response to comments made by Mayor Peter Kelley in the local media where he referred to several groups of business, arts & community people. Each of these groups came together out of their desire to find a better way to promote Halifax as a great place to live. Up until the unfortunate comments made by Mayor Kelly there was no indication of any rift between the groups and the city.

If you were to see the members list of all the groups in question a couple of interesting points would emerge:

  1. The demographics of the groups pretty well run the gamete… from university students to retired government employees to the movers and shakers of the city
  2. YES some of the names on the members lits of those groups would have also appeared on the Commonwealth Games Committee. Give me a break… are you aware how many ‘disgruntled business people’ gave of their time and energy to develop the bid for the games. Just maybe there was more commitment to the games within the business community than either the Mayor or ATV would ever admit.
  3. If you were to poll the members of these groups and asked why they were involved in that group the common denominator would be the desire to help Halifax grow to become the fabulous city of their dreams. In as a close second would be the desire to feel that they are giving back to the community where they have chosen to live.
  4. You would not find a single individual who would say that they’re involvement in the group was because of a “Commonwealth Games Hang Over” or that they were disgruntled with Mayor Kelly and felt that the group would allow them to topple his hold on the position. Small minds are amused by petty things … an unfortunate choice of words … maybe but for the Mayor of the city to use those words certainly indicates where his weaknesses are located.

If I were the Mayor of Halifax:

  • Halifax would be hosting the Commonwealth Games in 2014
  • Any group of business people who came forward would be received with open arms and ways of working together to promote Halifax would be explored. The more community supported projects the better.

It all comes down to attitude.

Give me the right attitude and anything is possible.

As I started putting this Blog together I felt it would be beneficial to pull as many of the ongoing issues that have been dragging around in Halifax for years and are no closer now to a resolution than they were years ago.

This Blog consists of my views & opinions and:

  • is not intended to be anti Kelley or anti counsel
  • it is not my intension to be a negative comment on life in Halifax.
  • As much as possible my discussion of any of the issues will be an objective comment as I see it.
  • I will attempt to balance any criticism with some constructive suggestions for solutions

In order to develop this site I’ve drawn extensively on the resources of our local media and their columns, authors and the opinions expressed by their readers. As you will see I’m not the only voice in the wilderness that feels Halifax needs a new direction from its leaders.

Lets be clear I feel Halifax is a great town & ‘we’ need to think seriously about the next step in our development. The city of Halifax is at one of those trip lines with several directions in which it can go … nows the time for strong leaders with a vision and determination to make the decisions necessary to take this ‘little city’ into the future and be the ‘Halifax’ we’d all be proud to call home.

Do we have those leaders on council now?


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