Natural Gas Pipeline Installation Downtown Halifax

Public Service Announcement

Natural Gas Pipeline Installation:

  1. MARKET STREET (Prince to Carmichael)

  • COGSWELL STREET (Brunswick to Albemarle)
  • BARRINGTON STREET (Prince to Sackville)
  • GRANVILLE STREET (Prince to George)
  • BEDFORD ROW (Prince to George)
  • Further to our previous notice the following clarification is provided:
    Work is tentatively scheduled to start on Market Street on Thursday October 15. Work on each project listed above will last for approximately 2-3 days with restoration to follow. The projects are anticipated to be constructed in the order listed above but schedule will be confirmed as work progresses.

    The entire scope of work may span over up to four weeks due to downtime between projects, but work will not be continuous during that period.

    All work will be completed by our contractor, Sackville Trenching Limited, who will deliver notices for each individual project prior to commencing work.

    Heritage Gas and HRM apologize for any inconvenience.

    Derek Flaherty Dan Yeomans Marty MacKay
    Sackville Trenching HRM Inspector Heritage Gas Inspector
    877-0537 490-6822 240-0848


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