DIY s’mores at new dessert, martini bar

Anyone looking to roast their own marshmallows at a downtown Halifax table might want to visit The Middle Spoon Desserterie and Bar.

The new restaurant has inked a deal with Starfish Properties to set up in the former Carsand-Mosher building on Barrington Street, next to Argyle Fine Art.

“It’s supposed to be a nice comfy place where you can go for a date or a girls night out and have a nice dessert and a martini,” said Ciaran Doherty, whose wife, Lacey, is the driving force behind the establishment slated to open in mid-June.

They are hoping to draw from the Neptune Theatre crowd, as well as diners who eat in one restaurant but want a change of scenery before satiating their sweet tooth.

“We’ve been kind of kicking around the idea for a while,” said Ciaran Doherty, who helps run his family’s 26 dry cleaning establishments in Nova Scotia, which operate as Don Schelew Dry Cleaning and Same Day Dry Cleaners.

DIY s’mores at new dessert, martini bar – Business –


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