A Deal is a Deal …

A Deal is a Deal … In November 2007, the Province of Nova Scotia signed a landmark agreement with municipalities across Nova Scotia.

The Province made a commitment to pay for provincial responsibilities.

It was a fair deal: one that recognized property taxes should be spent on municipal programs and services – like police, firefighters, better streets, parks and playgrounds – rather than being collected to offset provincial costs.

Under the agreement, municipalities across Nova Scotia could have reduced our taxes collected by more than $100 million over seven years as the result of the Province agreeing to gradually take over financial responsibility for corrections and public housing and limit increased contributions to education.

Earlier this month, the Dexter government tabled legislation that – if passed – will effectively tear up that fair deal. 

So what does this mean to you, the taxpayer? 

This legislative sleight of hand will cost HRM taxpayers $46 million more over the next four years as the province attempts to balance its books on the backs of property owners.

Tearing up this deal will cost homeowners $100 per year on average, and commercial property owners $400 per year on average, when the full impact is felt.

Putting an end to this fair deal on taxes will mean a bigger slice of your property tax bill – as much as a quarter – will go straight from your wallet to the province’s coffers.

At HRM, we are determined to make our communities better places to live, learn, work and play.

Watch Mayor Kelly’s Video on A Deal is A Deal

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