Conventional thinking not big enough


If it goes ahead, the proposed convention centre for downtown Halifax will certainly be a big construction project.

It does involve big sums of money from federal, provincial and municipal levels of government. In fact, since the feds announced their contribution of $51.4 million, the developer has said the overall cost of $159 million will be even bigger.

There are big numbers of construction jobs and person hours of work predicted. The province says 12,000 jobs.

And it will fill a big hole in the middle of Halifax. The hope is that this will prompt further development to fill those other big holes on Barrington Street and other parts of downtown Halifax.

So yes, it is a big plan, no question, but what this convention centre project is not, is a big idea.

It is an example of thinking from “inside the box.” Sure, it will put Halifax on the map as a premier destination for convention business, along with all the other cities with convention centres that occupy that same map. Ottawa and Winnipeg are building their new convention centres, too. Halifax will be right in the horse race with the rest of them.

Conventional thinking not big enough – TheNovaScotian –


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