Sometimes I really wonder….

Metro Transit has posted a rout change for the #52 inbound from TeleTech …. as of Nov 21 the bus will no longer pass through the parking lot in front of Empire Theaters, Zellers & Wal-Mart. Instead it will stay on Chain Lake Drive for that section of it’s run. Any one familiar with the ridiculousness of trying to walk between the opposite sides of the Chain Lake Retail area knows how dangerous this decision wakes using Metro Transit.

1 – there are no sidewalks on the inbound side of Chain Lake Drive so passengers are dropped off on a concrete island pad with in some cases 100’s of feet to the nearest driveway. Should make things really interesting in the winter.

2 – none of the driveways from Chain Lake Drive up to the retailers has any allowance for pedestrians … in fact there is not even any shoulder along the curb, forcing those brave enough into the driveways to play do dodge ball & now there will be many more trying.

3 – all of the retail outlets currently served by the #52 inbound are set back +500 feet from Chain Lake Drive & elevated at least 20 feet above street level. It is not uncommon to see people who feel they are mountain goats try to scale the steep banks close to the street in order to shorten the trip.

4 – As an example …. the last stop on the current rout through the parking area is in front of Wal-Mart. Most trips there are 8-20 passengers get on the bus at this stop. There is a notice at that stop instructing the passengers to go to the stop on Chain Lake Drive in front of Costco … a distance of +/- 1,000 feet with no sidewalks, no cross walks and no option. Pedestrian / passengers will be strolling through the parking areas & down those steep narrow drive ways caring their purchases … in all sorts of weather.

This is just NOT a safe change! There will be accidents.

5 – All of us regular customers of Metro Transit are being tossed into traffic just as the busy Christmas season starts. Those of us who are lucky enough to be able bodied might be able to adjust our shopping & travel times to meet this change but the car drivers are not going to be prepared to give the right of way.

6 – one of the advantages of the current rout is that any handicapped passengers could get dropped or picked up immediately in front of the retailers in this section of Bayers Lake. I don’t even want to think of the challenges that will face any one with a hearing, sight or mobility restrictions when faced with this change.

There has to be a better way to handle this… or at least the change should be delayed until proper sidewalks are installed, cross walks in place and room allowed along the driveways for pedestrians.


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