Political Games

Oh the games people play…. below are links to details on some of the entertainment that the political world of Halifax provides for free…..

FaceBook Factor

Halifax, Nova Scotia has a population of somewhere between 375,000 and just over the 400,000 mark and on Facebook there have been 179,800+ profiles posted in the Halifax network. This number is quite impressive as a percentage of the actual population although not a completely accurate representation of the city [the Halifax Network is not limited to residence] it has become a cyber meeting place of sorts.

In the recent media hype over Peter Kelley’s statements there were several Facebook groups mentioned as dens of disgruntled businessmen … funny thing is that I’m a member of all those groups (part of the 90+ that I’ve joined) I’ve never been considered disgruntled before. Read More

Citizens for Halifax

– The city that always says no

From The Halifax Chronical Herald
Halifax was once considered cool, but now we’re chasing away singers and developers. Has the capital lost its cachet?
By MICHAEL TUTTON The Canadian Press    Sun. Dec 23 – 5:55 AM

IT’S BEEN a year of Halifax often saying “no,” setting off debate on how the East Coast’s biggest city can recapture its lost mojo in 2008.

As 2007 draws to a close, some citizens are looking back with regret at the mega-events that might have been, such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games bid that the city scuttled in March, or Celine Dion’s November decision to back out of an outdoor concert with her manager citing the city’s media negativity.

Don Mills, a pollster and businessman, is helping to launch a group that will work to “improve civic leadership” in the aftermath of the city’s decision to drop out of the bid for the Commonwealth Games, which were eventually won by Glasgow, Scotland.

“It would have caused a revival of investment of the city beyond the Games,” argues Mills. “People would have paid attention to us.” Read More…..

Fusion Halifax – Yes should be the only option

The Halifax Chronical Herald  Yes should be the only option for Halifax

GUEST COLUMN Thu. Dec 13 – 6:25 AM

AS ANYONE been paying attention to the demographic shifts lately? Our population is aging. We’re having fewer kids than ever before. And the latest migration numbers are just plain depressing.

According to recently released Statistics Canada figures, Halifax lost 2,380 people in 2005-06 alone.

So what’s the problem?

Could it be that we are doing a less than adequate job of marketing Halifax as a “destination of choice?” Are we so focused on what does not seem possible that we automatically say no to things new and different?    Read More…..

The Peter Principal

Peter Principle From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Peter Principle is a colloquial principle of hierarchiology, stated as

“In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.”

Formulated by Dr. Laurence J. Peter in his 1968 book The Peter Principle, the principle pertains to the level of competence of the human resources in a hierarchical organization. The principle explains the upward, downward, and lateral movement of personnel within a hierarchically organized system of ranks.

I don’t have the knowledge base to make any formal connections between the principal quoted above and the content of the article below but in my opinion …. ya know it might be part of the problem.

From the Halifax Chronical Herald

Gunning for Kelly’s job

Halifax mayor shrugs off groups’ criticism, says he has mandate that will be fulfilled
By AMY PUGSLEY FRASER City Hall Reporter
Tue. Dec 4 – 1:24 PM

The next municipal election isn’t until October but people are already gunning for Mayor Peter Kelly’s chair.“I can’t control what they want to do,” he said Monday.  Read More…..

Mayor’s Roundtable

From Halifax – Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence

Last fall, I made a commitment to the residents of Halifax Regional Municipality to deal with violence and perceptions of violence in our municipality. In November 2006, I launched the Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence in HRM, and we’ve made considerable progress since then: Read More…..

Map The Violence…   THE CITY November 08, 2007

Violent Halifax Map 2007
We’ve combed through the city police archives and our own records to produce this shocking map of violent crimes in 2007. Violent crimes which were reported to police are represented with blue push-pin icons. The unreported crimes we’ve learned about are represented in red. Click on the markers for a detailed description of the crime. See More….

Roundtable Newsline      Google Search

Roundtable on Violence – Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence. Last fall, I made a commitment to the residents of Halifax Regional Municipality to deal with violence and perceptions of …
http://www.halifax.ca/council/mayor/RoundtableonViolence.html – 24k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence Discussions
Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence November 15, 16 and 17 – Tentative Schedule … Street Crime, Violence and Public Safety, Owen Carrigan …
http://www.halifax.ca/mediaroom/pressrelease/pr2007/071114MayorsRoundtableonViolenceDiscussions.html – 30k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this [ More results from http://www.halifax.ca ]

Halifax, The Daily News: News | Youth top concern at mayor’s …
But his contribution to the Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence held at the War. … literally seen the blood from the victims of violent crime on his doorstep. …

See More …..


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