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Halifax, Nova Scotia has a population of somewhere between 375,000 and just over the 400,000 mark and on Facebook there have been 179,800+ profiles posted in the Halifax network. This number is quite impressive as a percentage of the actual population although not a completely accurate representation of the city [the Halifax Network is not limited to residence] it has become a cyber meeting place of sorts.

In the recent media hype over Peter Kelley’s statements there were several Facebook groups mentioned as dens of disgruntled businessmen … funny thing is that I’m a member of all those groups (part of the 90+ that I’ve joined) I’ve never been considered disgruntled before.

In total as of Dec. 15/05 these Facebook groups had 4,778 members. Are they all anti Kelly … NO! But the are frustrated with some of the issues currently on the surface in Halifax. they have taken the time to become involved in organizations that will hopefully be able to air their concerns and keep Halifax moving in the right direction.

Unfortunately Mayor Kelly seems to have decided that his best option is to oppose these group, if it were me I would try to find a way to work with each and every one of the groups …. communication is always a good thing.

Just so you can all see the supposed disgruntled business men & the groups referred to in the news I’ve included the content of the group profile pages as found on Facebook.


171 Members

novaknowledge is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that has been promoting the knowledge economy in Nova Scotia since 1993.

As the forum for collaborative action in Atlantic Canada, novaknowledge will lead a network of members, volunteers and participants who advocate for a strong, sustainable and competitive knowledge-driven economy in the region.


Our mission is to stimulate action across the region by bringing together leaders in government, business, and education to achieve our vision.

This unique combination of neutrality, broad membership, diverse stakeholders, region-wide mandate, and focus on innovation and productivity, has made novaknowledge the only organization of its kind in Atlantic Canada.

novaknowledge serves as a hub, bringing together members and stakeholders to build a common vision for Atlantic Canada’s knowledge economy. Publications, events, and projects are used to raise awareness, provoke policy debate, and build collaboration, as we move towards a more knowledge-driven economy. Read more…

The Halifax Chronical Herald

Plan for future
Think-tank wants to get province on right track
By BRUCE ERSKINE Business Reporter
Fri. Dec 14 – 6:27 AM

Nova Scotia needs an action plan to face the challenges of the future, says Tim Outhit, president and CEO of novaknowledge, a Halifax technology think-tank.

“We need leaders, and all Nova Scotians, to become aware of the importance of growth, innovation, technology and productivity to our future,” he said Thursday, as novaknowledge released a report on its first annual Nova Scotia Assembly of Leaders.

The assembly, held at Saint Mary’s University in October, brought together more than 150 leaders from business, government, education and development to make recommendations on ways to take the province forward….. read the rest of this article.


The Citizens for Halifax Society is a non partisan society with the following goals:

  • To build a city with a vision of its place in the world, where people from all ages, backgrounds and socioeconomic status feel heard and represented.
  • To attract and support the election of the most suitable candidates for civic office.
  • To create engagement among all citizens for the future of our city through commitment to civic responsibility of all citizens resulting in actions that reflect the true needs of the diverse needs of our citizens.
  • To understand and address the needs of disadvantaged groups.
  • To build an economically vibrant community that maintains the integrity of Halifax’s heritage and embraces a future of growth which supports the vision of the Society. Read more…


FUSION Halifax: Inspiring Tomorrow. Today.

619 Members

We’ve heard a lot of people talking about how great Halifax could be if only…. and others wishing they could meet more people like themselves.

FUSION is about the “next generation” in Halifax. We will work to capture the voice, spirit and engagement of 20-40 year olds in shaping the future of our great city. We will bring together people in all sectors of our community to inspire active citizenship, create dynamic networks, develop new friendships and generate great ideas in everything from business, to arts and culture to sustainable communities.

Created for young people, by young people, this group will also take on those hot topics, everything from affordable housing to ‘real jobs’ for young people, and make them happen.

FUSION Halifax is a group for everyone…transplants (those of you that came here seeking quality of life), boomerangs (those who lived here, left and came back) and homegrowns.

One voice alone can’t change the world, but a couple hundred can definitely move the needle in Halifax.

All we want from you is your ideas, energy and enthusiasm. Our commitment to you is that your input will help us make Halifax a better place to live, work and play. And who knows, you may just meet some new friends along the way.

A lot of great things in the world have started from a group of people with passionate ideas, so join FUSION Halifax and be part of that next great thing.

Yes should be the only option for Halifax

Contributed by Peter Moorhouse and Cheryl Stewart on behalf of FUSION Halifax.

The Halifax Chronical Herald
Thu. Dec 13 – 6:25 AM
HAS ANYONE been paying attention to the demographic shifts lately? Our population is aging. We’re having fewer kids than ever before. And the latest migration numbers are just plain depressing.

According to recently released Statistics Canada figures, Halifax lost 2,380 people in 2005-06 alone.

So what’s the problem?

Read more on Fusion


1,544 Members

Simply put, East Coast Connected will bring the best of Atlantic Canada to Toronto and bring the best of Toronto back to Atlantic Canada.

Specifically, East Coast Connected will:

  • Create a community hub and strengthen the bonds between Atlantic Canadians living in Toronto.
  • Extend this community’s scope to include those who have ties to the Atlantic Provinces through extended families, business or schooling.
  • Promote regional development in Atlantic Canada through the exchange of capital, knowledge and creativity.
  • Provide a forum in which business, political, academic and cultural leaders in the Atlantic Canada can engage the Atlantic community in Toronto and vice versa.

Read more


141 General Group members & 192 Professional Organizations members

Formed in 2006, artsScene is a group of leading young business professionals dedicated to fostering the growth of the arts in Canada through volunteerism, patronage and support. As a creative hub, artsScene connects young business professionals across Canada to the arts by:

Inspiring interest in the arts. artsScene offers members unique encounters with the arts through its Behind the Scenes programming. Members attend a different arts venue on a quarterly basis; each preceded by a “Behind the Scenes” encounter with the artists, directors and designers.

Offering ways to engage in the arts. artsScene connects young business professionals to board, committee and other volunteering opportunities in the arts through BoardLink. It also provides mentor opportunities with senior business leaders in the arts.

Providing recognition for outstanding engagement in the arts. artsScene recognizes young business professionals who demonstrate leadership as volunteers in the arts with the Young Professionals Award. This is a new award that will be launched in 2008. Read more…

Then there was the cats…

Against HRM Cat By Law (A-300) 1,120 members


Halifax regional council approved a new bylaw that will require cat owners to license their pets by April 1, 2008.

Cat owners will have to pay $10 for an altered and inoculated pet and up to $30 for an unaltered one. A small price to pay, but at what cost?

To get your money’s worth, all cats will now have to wear collars all the time (most grown cats hate being introduced to them and non-safety/quick-release collars pose a safety hazard because they can get caught on branches). Cats that already have collars likely wear a name tag, so registration becomes pointless, because owners are easily identified.

Cats that don’t wear collars and don’t have name tags (the majority of indoor cats), who become registered, are likely to look just like hundreds of other cats in the HRM, such that notifying owners of cats without tags will be next to impossible, registered or not. For example, if a black cat with yellow eyes, that is registered but not wearing his collar, gets out accidentally, animal control will not be able to know which owner the cat belongs to, because there are so many black cats with yellow eyes out there. Eventually the owner will come looking for kitty, but how long will that cat be away from its home in an uncomfortable cage, in a strange environment, before that happens?

Most disturbing for our feline friends, is the fact that cats that are currently outdoor cats, will no longer be allowed to ‘run at large’. Outdoor kitties everywhere in the HRM will only be allowed to roam inside the home, or be subject to chase by animal control officers. Say good-bye to your new couch and curtains as your kitty looks for other ways to vent his energy, and get ready for the possibility of some ‘accidents’ on the carpet out of rebellion and frustration of being confined. This is cruel to the cats who have grown up being able to access the outdoors, the officers (have you ever tried to catch an angry kitty?), and tax payers, who will ultimately be footing the bill for new hires and a new shelter, should this bylaw actually be enforced properly.

The only positive to come out of this bylaw is cracking down on the one-off neighbor who has adopted 20+ cats and allows roaming around the neighborhood, a rare occurrence.

Perhaps if enough cat-owners join this group, HRM will reconsider.

People protesting cat bylaw in Halifax NS 644 Members


This site is intended to be a vent for people to state their dismay of the cat bylaw passed in Halifax on Oct.23rd. This bylaw would require all cats be registered. As well, Cats are not going to be able to roam freely and even domesticated animals will be taken from their communities. If everyone who joins this group can invite their friends to join I think the numbers can be large and make a huge statement. Our Counselors need to give their heads a shake and come back to the real problems affecting our city like, Healthcare, homelessness, the disabled, our school systems, the poor, affordable housing and the list goes on and on. This is a tax grab and will not benefit the cats in anyway. Family pets will be taken off to the pound for no other reason than they walked off their own property. Lets make a statement everyone!!!!


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