Mayor’s Roundtable

From Halifax

Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence Last fall, I made a commitment to the residents of Halifax Regional Municipality to deal with violence and perceptions of violence in our municipality. In November 2006, I launched the Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence in HRM, and we’ve made considerable progress since then:

  • Renowned criminologist, Professor Don Clairmont, was brought on as facilitator for the Roundtable, and several community stakeholders were engaged as the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Violent Crime.
  • Professor Clairmont conducted extensive research on violent crime in HRM and in other municipalities.
  • In-depth focus groups of stakeholders were conducted.
  • A comprehensive telephone survey of 1200 randomly selected households across HRM was completed.
  • A mail-in survey was distributed to approximately 5,000 households and 47% were completed—a practically unheard of response for a survey this size, showing just how important violent crime and perceptions of violent crime are to residents.

We are now heading into the final stages of the Roundtable process. Six Community Roundtables are being held throughout HRM to gather community-specific views (dates and locations are below). These facilitated sessions will engage residents in identifying both challenges and potential solutions for violence in communities; they represent another component of the public feedback process.

In November, I will chair the Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence in HRM, which will involve presentations from many stakeholders to me, Professor Clairmont and the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Violent Crime. Information from these Roundtable meetings, the focus groups, surveys, Community Roundtables and this web site will be analyzed to produce a comprehensive report this winter. Our goal is to develop a workable long-term strategy with key recommendations for the community stakeholders involved—municipal, provincial and federal governments, police, school boards, parents and neighbours.

I will work diligently and passionately to ensure these recommendations are turned into actions. I thank each of you for your participation in this process—together we are making a difference.

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Respectfully, I remain
Peter J. Kelly


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