In any city the size of Halifax there are hundreds of projects ongoing at any time. Below I’ve profiled some of the major projects currently active in HRM that have the potential to affect the largest number of people.

Harbour Clean Up

The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC) was established as a corporate body pursuant to the Planning Act of Nova Scotia. MAPC includes the Minister of Municipal Affairs, the Chief Magistrates of the four municipalities and one additional elected representative appointed by each municipality.

The mandate of MAPC is to advise the Minister of Municipal Affairs; to prepare and revise the Regional development plan; to facilitate consultation; to assess opportunities for collective action, and to provide input to long range planning activities.
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Harbour Cleanup Newsline

HRM by Design

The future of Halifax is being decided by the present counsel & administration … what that future will be is still open for discussion. There’s still time to get involved in the process and have input where & when it counts.
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I encourage you to visit the HRM – Regioal Planning – HRM by Design

Approved by HRM Regional Council on February 27, 2007.

Urban Design Vision Statement

The Urban Design Vision Statement provides a broad mission for the function, look and feel of the Regional Centre. It builds on the area’s inherent assets and potential strengths to set the overarching intent and objective for urban design. The Urban Design Vision Statement was prepared in the context of Forum 1 and was derived from workshop outcomes. It is an important direction setting tool that is the basis for all subsequent urban design initiatives. read more…..

Mainland Common    – Population Statistics

In 2001, the Halifax West Electorial District had a population of 106,372 people

This area experienced 13% growth since the 1996 Census, however, the borders were recently re-drawn to exclude much of Mainland South (Spryfield, Jollimore, Purcell’s Cove, Herring Cove, Harrietsfield, etc.)

Assuming the same growth to 2006, the projected population of the former Halifax West Electorial District would be 120,200. It has been suggested by many that the majority of potential Mainland Common Recreation Centre users would come from within this boundary. Read more ….


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