Economic Review

The Halifax Chronicle Herald has again produced the Nova Scotia Business Review for 2008. This series has always been one of the best assessment of the position and direction of the local & provincial economy. Below are links to this years individual sections:

    Nova Scotia Business Review

      • Nova Scotia –
        • State of the Province 2007
        • Nova Scotia/Canada Economic Indicators


            Population and demography

            Population estimates and projections

            How the population is composed by age, sex, and region of residence at a given time. Also includes estimates of components of population change (births, deaths, and migration) at a point in time in the past, and population projections. Population projections are estimates for future years that are based on plausible population changes.
            Business performance and ownership

            Businesses operating in Canada compete in a dynamic open economy—an economy continually reshaped by industrial restructuring and global competition. Statistical and analytical information is available on a diverse range of topics related to business performance and business demographics. More…


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