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Busy start to 2008 for urban revitalization team

From The Halifax Chronical Herald  By MICHAEL LIGHTSTONE Staff Reporter
Sun. Dec 30 – 9:11 AM
The first few months of 2008 should see a flurry of activity surrounding Halifax city hall’s $405,400 urban revitalization project, culminating in a report to regional council in the spring.

Project manager Andy Fillmore said Saturday the next round of public consultation is scheduled for March. But before then, municipal staff and the city’s HRM by Design consultants will be working toward a presentation to regional council in mid-February.

Mr. Fillmore said results from a public forum on the downtown core, held in Halifax in November, will be brought to the politicians at that time. Read more…….

novaknowledge’s New Years Resolution for Nova Scotia.



I commit to novaknowledge’s Top 8 for ‘08 – New Years Resolution for Nova Scotia.

I will …

1. Get Active
Change image, attitudes and policies. Take actions that ensure health and wellness promotion and injury prevention become paramount in my organization, promote my province as a progressive and innovative place to learn, work and raise a family.

2. Think Big
Reduce the impact of regionalism on Nova Scotia’s economic and social development. We will become strong and prosperous by collaborating with all communities and regions for the betterment of the entire province. Read More…..

Halifixes ‘08 – Our annual wish list for fixing what’s broken.

Grand Parade skating The bitter cold has Haligonians using their imaginations again. What better way to celebrate the season than to lace up and enjoy a leisurely skate outdoors? On Grand Parade perhaps? Believe it or not, our winter fantasies are attainable. Andy Fillmore, urban design project manager for the city, says the short-term possibility for skating on the parade square includes purchasing a portable rink that would be set up and torn down according to the season. The rink costs roughly $150,000 (just one Celine Dion concert!) plus set-up costs each year. Read More…..

Halifax needs a leader who’ll give us back our heart

We should focus on people, not cars

Victor Syperek                   The Daily News

Who is going to step up to the plate and challenge incumbent Peter Kelly for the right to run this fair city? I know I’m not – but I sure want to write about it. And I must say this, it is a lot of work, and I do admire anyone who will put his or her best foot forward and start this race. May the best man – or woman – win.

Being the father of one of Nova Scotia’s most notable exports, one of the Trews, I take great pride in being able to travel to France to watch the group perform in Marseille next week. I will also be noting any unique or clever things the cities along the Cote d’Azur do to make themselves more comfortable for their inhabitants and visitors, such as appropriately placed benches and low walls for sitting and watching the parade of life go by.

It’s interesting to think of the evolution of a city. Read More…….


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